Boxer Yui Hatano and the fraudsters


Yui Hatano is a well-known gladiator in the Japanese martial arts world. She often wrestles with male wrestlers and most of them win glory. Her reputation is growing, so there are many hostile forces trying to harm Hatano. And then that day also came, the day before her competition Hatano drank a drug that reduced the ability to fight by bad guys deliberately poisoned. And of course when the game she was completely harmless in front of the fat guy. Can our female gladiator win or tragedy that will come to her to follow it offline.

Hot fighter women Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano is the son of a gladiator, since she has had to watch her father regularly, but unfortunately in one match, her father has been beaten to death, she resolves to become a professional gladiator to succeed in three and a revenge for his father. She often challenged the famous wrestler and won the match so many opponents hated, always wanting to harm her so in the last match, Hatano was poisoned with a drug to do She can not awake, her mind is dizzy, and then instead of hurrying into the ring to save her colleague who is being ridiculed, she is the next victim.

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