Interview of Japanese girl Aika


After learning that his wife has a beautiful wife, Aika.Did not want her husband to lose his job. Movie starring Aika as a wife is sure. One day, she overheard a husband’s wife talk to her husband’s husband, threatening her dismissal due to financial hardship in the company. Worried about her husband’s career, she came to meet her boss husband to ask her husband to keep her job.

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Beautifully beautiful, she was told by the manager said the chairman of the consortium very admired her and want to get her husband to work. However, to do so, she must agree to sleep with him once. As a decent woman, a faithful wife, how will she decide? Check out one of Aika best films.

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The film is about the miserable times of the beautiful nurse Aika. The beginning of her story is the day she came to see a rich old man and a doctor. Asked by the doctor to take care of the patient, she did not expect the other patient to be extremely ill, he forced her to take a bath while he was showering, with fierce resistance. also release her. crimes so that the criminals to rape her home, see her so brother can not bear should have taken knife stab wailing. It was supposed to be her brother to go to jail, but the old man she cared for helped him the other day, he spent 30 million yen to cover, forced her to become sex slaves for him and do Anything he wanted. Why this film is in incestuous, because the film’s brother miserable after seeing her naked sister I’ve been with him for a while and he’s also involved with rapists to play his sister. So that he struggled until he was rich to return the grudge, but because she had died, she had to bear all. Everything was in his plan.