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Beautiful girls love Misuzu Tachibana loves to be fuck, And then once I come close to where I work, when to place was pretty late so I rented hotels, appointments through the next day. I IM asking me, I say are here, alone, tired, I should say that I’m at work yet again, now about to do more. I rushed to urge me to eat, so I say evening to younger days carrying you to go eat, I agree. The Saigon streets day seem outnumbered, we just run a search near the hotel, eaten back to the hotel because I’m tired, I also said I should be home early to wait at home. I ậm Yes does not say, I urge you to return, see rưng rưng eyes, I asked why rush
And children with me into the room, we together lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, the television open only to action, no one is doing anything. When the midnight, I got up to take a shower, change, children go to sleep, have a map then instead of sleep. I ậm Yes, and then told me to go first, to hot water bath for children bathing. When I shower, get dressed and sitting on the bench, while the children take a bath dressing, you said not to bring clothes, I take the shirt and short pants for children wear. jav hd
I finished bath go out, wear the shirt and short pants, wrap the towel more again, I said I’m under the bed to lie in common, my pillow up my hand, the Center is located. Patchwork tales, the sulking, then I cried, I said I should go to bed early. You looked at me and asked “don’t you really despise me?”. I answered that I do not what is usually considered to me, just that I don’t want to hurt or affected children.