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Recognized as a fitness teacher at school, Yui Hatano was very happy but still a bit With a beautiful appearance, more sexy uniforms, often revealing big round breasts, added difficulty in the class, so she was a student to the point of view. strong man, she could not resist, he was so filthy to turn around to ridicule In the next days, she had to continue to serve sex, making him sex machine, Pitiful !

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Yui Hatano bought the house to live alone, but no doubt the owner of this house is a metamorphosis. And one day, he saw Hatano sitting on the masturbator. Also because the sex life of the couple is not good, the husband does not care about her, do not know her very lust. knocked on Hatano’s door when her husband came out, then crushed her to rape her, despite her resistance, he still played her with Every posture. Hatano was sad, and this time when the bandit came back, she was not as frightened as before, she took the initiative to make love to him. Leave him physically weak husband.

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This is a nasty sex story between stepmother Yui Hatano and my dear friend, he has a big cock want to fuck stepmother. He found all sorts of ways but maybe she did not, but he still insisted on having sex with her. When she discovered that his cock was so big that the mother was interested and they had sex in pleasure.

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