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Kirara Asuka may look small, but she is an alpha bitch! She called this tall guy apart so she could search for him whole, feeling something big and hard between his legs, his dick! At least that’s what he said, but she believes he can hide the weapon so she takes him back so she puts him in the security office so she can flick him over. Because she refused to believe what he had packed under the pants was not a weapon, he had no choice but to pull his pants down and let her see.

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He stripped her off, bent over her desk and pushed his monster into her pussy from behind. If you like a very clean pussy slit, you will love this. The officer made him lie on it and stood on top, riding his huge cock in the reverse cowgirl while he fondled her breasts and playing with them. His dick is very fit and after her beautiful pussy in the missionary position, he blows the biggest mass of hot cum all over her hot body, the mold sexy face and open mouth.

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