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She always be many men peeking when she open her chest, because she loves to dress open, and that It is also the way she seduces the boys to fuck her. One morning on the subway, Rio chatted with a young man in a white shirt, pretending to pour water out of his shirt, revealing the head of his terrible chest. Rio approached the solicitor and let him touch his chest, she sucked his cock until he ejaculated. That afternoon, Rio went to the library to find books, see the student looked at her, she immediately took off her shirt and then to the love. The two of them were in a corner of the library. Rion has sex with his boss right in the office. With the advantage of her breasts, she constantly rubbed against the manager’s cock, her limbs paled and made him ejaculate. And a lot of her love story, invite you to see it.

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Female students Rio to work over the rape boss. The story of female students because they want to earn more money to cover the life should have to work more, the job is the secretary of an office. Seeing her pretty pretty should be his secretary. Unfortunately, she met a metaphoric director without knowing it. He always found ways to get her to do something wrong, then blamed her, then pretended to rub her shoulders. One day he came and wanted to take her home, because her house was close, so they both went home. It was in his plan, because the beautiful secretary had taken her anesthesia without knowing it, until she fainted, he immediately led her into the hotel. What comes to mind, initially she is still sober, but it may be sex, make her happy and both sex as lovers. And in the days that followed, he was no longer hesitant to press her in the office.