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The film is about a beautiful young girl Rina Ishihara fell in love with a bad man and also physiological weakness. Although trying to practice sexual skills with girlfriend but never quite. He thought of a way to tie up his lover and then posted online to find his grandfather and he was out looking through the computer to learn experience and make money. This is her latest superhero, the content is about a beautiful wife, because her husband often go away from home so at home she is close to a woman, they often meet to chat draw.

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Here they have employees to come home to serve so you can not go to. Then one day in the bore so Rina Ishihara called a person to her home to massage, but she did not expect that this young man is the one who brings her happiness. Then came home to think of all ways to rape was Momoka and then he suddenly remembered the sex plate of the old man rape sex, he opened up the view and as enlightened.

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A story about a young couple living happily together, one day on the way back to the market, his wife Rina Ishihara was snatched by a robber ripped off the bag. And it would be nothing for a replacement, but the robber disguised as a pick up bag to pay for the couple, after Rina’s husband went to work, he returned to ask When he explained about the bag, he acknowledged that everything he had done was too poor. Benefiting from the pity of his beautiful young wife, he raped her on the sofa, was that the plan he had set up. The name of the movie is the end, forcing Rina to her husband back to being thought of at the company, seeing the two are hugging each other. As for the title of the movie, I would like to take that part of the movie. Wish you a happy movie.