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She sat on my cock with her pussy, rubbing her wet pussy lips and her clit against my big cock. We started having some really fun naughty. She slid my cock into her hot vagina and started bouncing over it. My Chinese girlfriend has never fucked me so well and I’m enjoying every moment of it. With her pussy bouncing over my head, I had so much fun with her. I held her with her legs and she stepped back a bit and continued riding me in that position. Then she leaned forward and I leaned back to help her balance. She is using a squatting position to do this so it’s interesting for me and her.

My babe literally slips my dick with her cunt, banging her down on it. It’s great!

Then, the girl turns around and starts riding me in the reverse cowgirl style. She was slipping my cock into and out when I had a great view of her bubble butt. She has a beautiful tattoo on her back and has some Chinese symbols and I like her taking my cock while looking at her amazing body. My girl has the best body so it’s great to see her doing this and she seems to be enjoying herself. I started to pat her ass. A few slaps at first, but then I went all the way and started spanking hard on her. After whipping her, I grabbed her butt and began to squeeze.

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