The beauty in my heart white shirt girl Sasaki Maria


The beauty in my heart white shirt girl Sasaki Maria, After he faked left, thinking a Hac alone where the throne of him … suddenly he voiced:
“The Images … have to ensure absolute safety for the public…”
“Clear” From behind the throne, in the dark on a sound … is the eraser of him is this detachment, they were orphaned by the hands of elders chosen and not pity resources to fostering the master … even the captain also is a Fake righteous Powers so the Hac is extremely confident.
Turnover does not know a thing is Hac unmarried, to near the new geriatric old cares for his post-modern should find a woman to maintain said just like that javhd but that it is not for him as gifted child that wishes only to He has two children, a son, a daughter, though he co jewelry ‘ “‘ more … as such Hac considered extreme in two of his other such this Pearl releases on hand … a son of him nor did he furniture hope that natural martial leader also extremely exceptional.
HAC a lifetime pride King of Xinjiang but also give him incredibly powerful enemies endlessly, he also couldn’t protect son daughter together forever because the adage ‘ needle in the wrap also has wild day out ‘ still there because, I swear he chose to hurt … two children from premature aging up three years then was he secretly made false papers for both children a normal family … of course a family in a place where the pig-bird does not crave dirtying. zola takizawa
My hook in the bag out a photograph, Hac carefully caress each girl on the boys face shots taken Cindy along two children … has five years and don’t see you then, rumors he had died and the throne for his son is increasingly spreading to do the power of darkness begin swinging so he must be cautious, as a wrong step will cause he’s poured down the River into the sea in just a blink of an eye.