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Although I was cooking some meat, my stubborn girlfriend Ayane Suzukawa could only help herself but had a great taste of my cock. I like to eat grilled meat and it’s Wednesday 4th of July but the only meat dish that this little slut wants is a sip of his big dick! My girl decided to interrupt me long enough with her beautiful red shorts and panties to make my Grill go crazy so I would obviously use her after I have to endure all the stress.

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Ayane Suzukawa quickly knelt down and started nibbling my head slowly, as if she was waiting for me to nod or something before she sucked it even more. However, she did not receive this approval that she certainly wanted a lot, and this did not stop her anyway, because she was definitely quite rebellious.

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And so, she began to spit more and more on my dick and put it deeper in my throat until we decided to wedge it up a bit. She lay down on the table on her back and opened her mouth. This is only one thing, I have to fuck that throat. And so I did that. Then Ayane Suzukawa decided to suck my chest a little before she finally got a butt in front of me. With her big breasts out to play, she bent down to the kitchen counter and let me slip in for a thumping pussy.