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Although she is a tengu female at a very high age, she does not look very old and is instead aged between early and mid-twenties. Nyotengu is also different from Bankotsubo in that she lacks a monstrous, monstrous appearance, instead looks much more human. She has pale skin, creamy color, and has a sexy physique, with curved hips and large breasts. She has an average height above a Japanese woman, has an oval face and a small beauty sign on the left side of her chin. She has light purple eyes and seems to be wearing light purple eyes. Although there is no long nose like the tengu brand, some of her outfits are related to it with a long nose mask. Like Bankotsubo, she has wings, but they are smaller and change color according to the outfit. In Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, her wings disappear due to New Zack Island probably possessing a magic barrier that disables any magic power.

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Her dark blue hair was made complicated, with perfectly cut straight bangs and perfectly cut bun hair. Unusually, the rest of her left lock is uncut and long, and is tied to the sides with the top style bands on the tops. The rest of her hair was worn in the perfectly cut straight braid that she wrapped up, and she wore a geisha and oiran-style hair ornament. Nyotengu can also let loose her long hair near the bottom, however, her long curls are still adorned, in addition to Extreme 3, where she has the option to go where the curls are not covered suffered. Her hair color is changed in certain DLCs, as well as practical styles; In her DLC Fairy Tail, she receives an uncovered chignon with loose hair, and she puts her hair short and curls into her Halloween DLC 2016, and she wears a short hair color. Gray white in Aquaplus DLC of her.

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Her main outfit appears inspired by geisha fashion like Kokoro, except for Kokoro that looks more modest and more modern; Nyotengu wears a kimono that the oirans, or Japanese court, often wears. Opening directly in front, the main purpose is for oiran customers to have “easier access”. The kimono has both red and black red, a patterned skirt and wide sleeves and Asian designs on it. The kimono was worn extensively to reveal more of her separation and she wore a shorter, white kimono underneath her outside. She goes tabi and geta slippers like Bankotsubo. She also wears a mask on the front at times when modeling after tengu.