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She is a young teacher who has just finished graduating from a pedagogical university. After long searching for work, she also found a school for her to work. As soon as I stepped into the lecture hall, it was inevitable that she was uneasy and unfortunately she was assigned to a class with many special students. Suzukawa is a beautiful girl with a plump face and glasses that exudes her charm. From the time she was a student, she participated in many school beauty competitions and always won first prize. You will not be able to not love your lips and gentleness when you first see this girl. But beauty often goes hand in hand with unfortunate things for a girl.

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On the first day at the new school and starting work, there was only one male student going to her class. This guy is upset about something and looks down on the crying table. The embarrassment and embarrassment showed clearly on that beautiful face. Suzukawa walked up to ask and comforted him and immediately hugged her body like a child. Her body was hot because she lacked interest from her ex-boyfriend for a long time since they broke up. She put on the student’s lips a sweet kiss, unable to wait any longer, he immediately took off his teacher shirt. He speeded up her skirt and reached into the wet pussy hole, making the girl moan in pleasure. After the intense foreplay he picked her up on the table, extended his feet and turned his face into the beautiful cunt and hung violently like a baby thirsting for breast milk.

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This lecherous girl Suzukawa also did not fit, pulled the student to sit on the chair and hold the hard dick to suck it all out and not leave anything on his body. Then let my schoolboy lie on his back on the floor and shove the big dick into the trembling pussy and click on it repeatedly. As she clicked, she yelled loudly in the extreme orgasm, after a while she got tired and the two returned to the divine doggy posture. Any fun ends when her cunt is full of sperm by the innocent schoolboy seduced by her beautiful female teacher. And every day so she has sex with different students even threesome or group sex, she always makes love like a career whore nyotengu doa cosplay.