Leading breast beautiful girlfriend Maya Kawamura picnic and hit each other


Leading breast beautiful girlfriend Maya Kawamura picnic and hit each other, Then I also leave on foreign visits, he is not about to reason is busy at work. I saw you for the first time, I feel normal, simple, simple. Then I invited me to go eat, meanwhile the home I know everything of foreign children is nice because I arrange, should also thank unceasing. I see everything is normal, just tell people no, help, help. javhd When it comes to me, I’m still keeping distance, sit pretty far, sometimes to open the phone message or who do not. I know you are waiting for the other person to ask but I still pretend fun, tell jokes and carry me home. When I arrived home, the boy in the House to welcome children, drop my phone, and I have to power off instructions open back, I take a bath. When you open the machine up, I’m curious to open the call log and messages look, then see just you call him, so messages, even children are texting asked him “why don’t you ask foreign children anything?”. I see claimed, but also permission to go on before I shower.
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Foreign children recovered and discharged from hospital, I escorted the country foreign exchange. To the other, one-way and children a message to me, “you’ve just been crash hurts, ah.” I hastily call me, asking me to say it, this is no problem, then say OK you’re busy, off air immediately. I see strange but guess that, maybe you wait for his phone? Night, I called me crying, saying I sobbed a message both for me and for him, that’s what I call now, did he see the message, the reading still impassible watching television. When I called him to ask, he answers have seen the message, but I think im being is not why should also do not ask, I ask him what he’s not busy talking is looking at television , what’s not? I’m sad and I cry, I listen to silence, not knowing what to say.